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We are Happyn, the next generation of bachelorette planning. 

Happyn offers a platform to plan a hassle-free bachelorette for individuals either planning or attending bachelorette parties. We created Happyn to keep the happyness in & the hassles out of bachelorette party planning. 

Our website hosts: a tool to assist in the first phase of planning the event, curated city guides, a blog for bachelorette-related content and a shop to purchase gear for bachelorette parties.


  Your Unofficial 

      Maid of Honor

Laurelle Charne

Chief Executive Officer

Laurelle oversees all of our strategic growth of consumers and supplier partners. I work to set the strategic vision for the business as we grow and focus on building the business from the ground up. I’m highly focused on adoption right now and building out our most sought out quality vendors and raising money for the expansion of our business.

Rijon Charne


Chief Legal Officer

Rijon is a dynamic and experienced lawyer who is an essential part of Happyn's corporate operations. She advises on Happyn's strategy, policies and procedures, improving Happyn's overall management, growth and performance.

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