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Happyn lets you plan a bachelorette without a hitch!
We’ll help you save time, money and headaches.


Remove the awkward budget questions among the bride tribe by having all guests input their budget privately. 

Happyn will calculate the total weekend budget as well as each guest's individual budget based on all the guests' answers. 


We get it - some gals may want a more bougie getaway, while others prefer sticking to the basics.

Each guest will vote on her favorite bachelorette party location, date and party roommate for the weekend.


Happyn will then determine the winning vote!


Say goodbye to chaotic group texts and email threads!


Happyn’s uniquely designed dashboard helps the event organizer see all the guests answers without those annoying communication hassles.


Guests can also find all the information they need on Happyn's chat forum and blog posts to plan the perfect bachelorette. 


Happyn's personalized event dashboard helps the event organizer keep track of who, what, when and where -
all in one place!